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OCTOBER 17 - 20

Pack your curiosity, expect the unexpected, and join us this October for another polymer clay adventure! 

Making new friends, claying together, sharing a passion for polymer clay while learning innovative techniques and projects, and turning blocks of polymer into incredible works of art. That’s what the Polymer Week events are about. 

Four-day event filled with full-day classes led by worldwide teachers, presentations featuring speakers sharing knowledge and inspirational thoughts, a polymer clay market where you can showcase your artwork and support fellow artists, all topped off with an amazing party to end it all. Sounds awesome, right?

In the words of attendees of our previous events, Polymer Week is an experience you won't forget!


With limited tickets available, make sure to save your spot when registration launches on May 8, 2024, at 6 pm CET.

1 PM American Eastern Time / 6 PM Central European Time

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  • meet & greet, presentations with speakers 

  • three full-day classes

  • sponsored polymer clay materials 

  • goodie bag with exciting products

  • printed tutorials and handouts

  • Saturday's party and Clay Market

  • group tour around Pilsen city


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