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Curious about the minds behind Polymer Week? We're a group of dedicated individuals fueled by a love for creating a community and projects focused on the polymer clay artistic medium..

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It has been seven years since Lucy Štruncová founded Polymer Week in the Czech Republic and ever since she has been working hard on reshaping and building a massive community of polymer clay enthusiasts, while bringing new artists to the spotlight, celebrating masters of the medium, and connecting people worldwide together.

For years we have been publishing high-quality publications, developed and created  products which are helping creators to master the polymer clay medium. Building a community of like-minded people and organizing online and live events where we can all share our journeys has become a joyful experience.

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This year marks a special milestone: our fifth live event, bringing experts in the field, pioneers of the medium, but also contemporary polymer clay artists who have a lot of knowledge and ideas to share with you.


We are proud to say that in the last few years, our event brought together hundreds of passionate polymer clay enthusiasts from all over the globe – Europe, the UK, the USA, Australia… you name it!

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