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As a movie miniaturist working in the entertainment, creating detailed models and miniature sets, Caroline brought much attention to polymer clay in the movie industry. She has been showcasing her sculptures and miniatures on TV, for example as a judge in the HBO competitive art show 'Craftopia'.

While being featured in multiple galleries, Caroline also runs a small business Tall Tales Productions in Los Angeles which creates runs of small batch mass-produced figurines for the collectible market that are then sold in more than fifty countries worldwide.

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Have you ever thought about what makes a character memorable, eye-catching and original? Caroline will guide you through the process of crafting a movie grade character using colored polymer clay. From the first idea, to sketch, sculpting and proper placement of the facial features, to adding details.

Sculpting a face can be a challenge, but with Caroline's guidance, you'll infuse whimsy and humor, breathing life into your characters. By the end of the workshop, your sculptures will exude the charm of figures straight out of a stop-motion masterpiece.

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