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Christine Dumont is an award-winning, contemporary jewelry artist, using mainly non tinted polymer clay infused with pigments and alternative materials. “This affects the chemical properties of the clay, allowing me to push the possibilities of the medium further to achieve more subtle color and texture effects,” says Christine, whose degree in Cognitive Science has been instrumental in her personal and unique approach to art and design.

Born in Belgium and having lived in diverse locations including the Middle East, Morocco, Canada, the UK, Malta, and France, Christine draws inspiration from the many cultural landscapes of her life-path.

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“Blooms!” is an innovative approach to creating unusual surface treatments and techniques with a focus on lightweight sculptural brooches. This workshop draws on Christine Dumont’s many years of working with polymer clay, teaching and mentoring.

If you wonder how to capture the magic of botanical compositions, the tenderness of a bud, the fuzz of a petal, the translucency of a leaf, then this class is right for you. From the chrysalis of this workshop, you will, too, blossom with new ways to express the beauty and textures of your own universe.

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