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Dorothée Vantorre, a French artist with a passion for art and design, started working with polymer clay at the age of six, selling her creations at craft fairs with her mother. After studying art history and architecture in Rome, Madrid, and Brussels, she worked in an architecture studio and realized her true passion lay elsewhere. She decided to dedicate herself entirely to her artistic pursuits.


After authoring her first book on modeling with polymer clay, founding a non-profit organization to promote local creative professionals, and organizing numerous events, she found herself in sculpting and jewelry making. Having wide experience with various materials, she has developed unique characters depicting hybrid beings that have earned worldwide recognition.

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In this class, Dorothée will expertly guide you through the process of creating animal-like poetic sculptures, combining precision with fun. From sketching your character and designing accessories like antlers, horns, paws, and ears, to selecting the perfect colors and assembling your sculpture, you'll learn every step of the way.

Dorothée will teach you how to construct a sturdy armature and shape your sculpture with polymer clay. A key focus will be on sculpting faces and expressions, including techniques to perfectly imitate skin tones and add depth with patina. When it comes to finishing your sculpture, you'll learn how to achieve a flawless, clean finish, particularly in areas that cannot be sanded.

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