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I spent my childhood in a small village in western Mongolia, my youth years in Ulaanbaatar, and have been living in Switzerland for more than twenty years. Trained as a technical construction manager, I have been a jewelry maker since 2007. I mainly use polymer clay in my work, though I occasionally create decorative pieces, as I love crafting hollow forms. I participate in craft markets and exhibitions throughout the year, and teach whenever possible.

Thanks to my passion for polymer clay, I have taught in Switzerland, Mongolia, Germany, Holland, France, Austria, and Spain. I am forever grateful for those who have given me the chance and to the participants of my workshops. I enjoy teaching as it allows me to share my passion with others, and teaching helps me improve my craftsmanship while learning from my students as well.

It is always fascinating to see how my imagination and inspiration transform into tangible objects. The work process is usually driven by intention, but often ends up providing unexpected value. Throughout the creation process, I explore, experiment, and savor the moment.
I am fascinated by shapes, textures, repetition, and colors in urban and rural landscapes. My experience in construction, coupled with my imaginative side, aids me both technically and creatively in certain projects.

I specialize in creating hollow pieces with cut-out holes, which has led me to develop several techniques. I am constantly striving to simplify and improve these techniques, making every process enjoyable and, importantly, more ecologically friendly. After all, what is passion without sharing it with kindred spirits?

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Jewelry is a perfect medium of communication between the artist, the wearer, and the beholder.

The emptiness of a hollow piece of jewelry will be apparent to the beholder only through the holes. Hollow pieces pique curiosity. Without those holes, it could be like a simple solid piece.

With this class, you will create a double-sided contemporary pendant from polymer clay and UV-LED resin, with a polymer clay front featuring cut-out holes and a resin back.

We will start by making simple reusable tools for realizing our projects.

Then, we will discuss the characteristics of the two materials that will help us with the technical aspects and making design decisions as well. Both polymer clay and resin can be shiny or matte, transparent or opaque. We will experiment with them.

Next, we will discuss the technical aspects and the steps to follow before taking action. We will discover the secrets of creating hollow forms and making holes in polymer clay. Most importantly, we will learn to create a 3D form with resin without using any silicone molds.

We will not use any drills for this technique. No more dust and no more waste.

The techniques you learn in this class can be used not only for jewelry projects but also for larger projects such as 3D objects and vessels. The polymer clay and resin techniques can also be used separately for different projects.

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