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Loretta Lam has been working in polymer since 1999. She is an award winning and renowned artist showcasing her artwork in fine craft galleries across the US, at the nation’s top retail art shows and exhibition, and has been featured in numerous publications. Five years ago, she authored "Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design," showcasing her expertise. 

Her work is a dialog between color, texture and form. Inspired by the old oak woods in her backyard, the bold designs tell a story of growth, fruition, decay and renewal. Loretta works with strong color inspiration, creates intricate surface designs, and takes care in the craftsmanship of each element and finished piece of jewelry.

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How do you draw people to your work and keep them engaged? You develop layers of interest in your designs, so the viewer stays curious and captivated. Your pieces will feel like a fascinating conversation that holds the viewer’s attention in close consideration of all your artistry.


This one-day class will give you the tools to up your design game. Loretta will help you to create a harmonious color palette filled with vitality and expressive energy. You will learn how movement directs the viewer’s eye in and around the composition, and how and when to repeat pattern, color and texture for maximum effect. By discovering how to add an unexpected element you will produce personality and flair into your own statement necklace. 

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